Ioannis Raptis is obstetrician – gynaecologist specialised in endoscopic surgery entirely in Germany.

He was head of the endometriosis and endoscopy centre at Agaplesion AKH Hagen academic hospital of the Ruhr University Bochum, where he received the title of Senior Consultant.

In this context he performed more than 500 high difficulty laparoscopic procedures, receiving the MIC II title from the German Society of Gynecological Endoscopy (AGE).

He was one of the first surgeons worldwide to perform laparoscopic treatment of cystocele without the use of mesh as well as laparoscopic treatment of uterine prolapse using Cooper’s ligaments (Laparoscopic Pectopexy) with excellent results. This procedure was introduced for the first time in Greece in November 2017, establishing the Greek medical term ¨Κτενοπηξία¨.

During his urogynecology specialization he was awarded the AGUB I title by the German Society of Urogynecology and Plastic Reconstruction of the Pelvic Floor (AGUB).

After his return to Greece and vying for a place at the forefront of surgical advances, Ioannis Raptis got a scholarship at the world-renowned “World Laparoscopy Hospital” of New Delhi, a city well-respected in the area of endosocopic surgery. There, he expanded and certified his knowledge and skills regarding robotic gynecologic surgery and the da Vinci Si and Xi robotic system.

The doctor performs endoscopic surgeries as a guest physician in german hospitals, teaching new endoscopic techniques to colleagues and younger physicians.

All surgical procedures are performed by Ioannis Raptis himself with assistants and anesthesiologist of his own choice for maximum safety and efficiency.

The proposed therapeutic interventions are based on the most recent and documented medical data (Evidence Based Medicine) and are adapted to the specificities and needs of each patient.

Patient guidance and explanation are provided in simple and understandable language so that the patient can participate in determining the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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