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Innovative operations

  • Laparoscopic/Robotic treatment of uterine prolapse using Cooper ligaments (Laparoscopic pectopexy)
    (First application in Greece in November 2017 by I. K. Raptis and introduction of the greek medical term ¨Ktenopixia¨)
  • Laparoscopic/Robotic treatment of cystocele without the use of mesh (Laparoscopic anterior colporrhaphy)
  • Laparoscopic/Robotic removal of uterus and fibroids using a closed bag system to protect the patient in the event of malignancy (contained morcellation)
  • Painless laparoscopic hysterectomy Sans douleour
  • 3D laparoscopy
  • Urethral treatment of urinary incontinence without cutting (Bulking injection-Bulkamid)
  • Atraumatic cesarean section Misqav-Ladach